The Volunteer Inn

Not where courses are held but a nice hostelry in Lyme Regis.

A Volunteer?

What is a Volunteer Organist?

Volunteer organists are pianists who have been asked to play the organ in their church. They used to be called 'reluctant organists' but having run many courses, this is not how I would describe them!

The courses for volunteer organists get to grips immediately with the basics of managing the organ console, the stops, the pedals, the buttons and all that can seem confusing at first sight.

Pianists can very quickly become familiar with which stops and which keyboard to use. They can also access a wide range of music written for the hands only.

An introduction to the pedals and a scheme of work is suggested. Initially however, the course brings confidence to those who have been brave enough to say 'yes' to volunteering to play an instrument that may feel a long way out of their safety zone!

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