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There is now a wide range of published music for the organist with either no pedal part or a simple pedal part.

Try browsing Kevin Mayhew Publishing for a start! The following suggestions provide specific ideas and a list of collections

that include a wide range of music to help pianists play organ repertoire without too much trouble.



Baroque/Classical Period

Balbastre  Noëls  Kalmus  £7.95 Next Christmas organised! Easy mans., Gr 3-4      

Daquin      Noels, Kalmus around £ 8 – 10. Like Balbastre but nearer Gr.6 piano.

Nares        6 Fugues with Introductory Voluntaries OUP £11.95 mans  

Pachelbel  Organ Works, largely manuals, Gr 5/6/7 £11.95 Dover

Stanley      Voluntaries – mans only, Gr 3/4/5. ask for cheap edition and not facsimile.


Romantic Period

Brahms       Choral Preludes. 'Es ist ein ros', 'O Gott du frommer Gott', 'Schmucke dich'.

Boellman    Heures Mystiques Op 29. Harmonia  £8.50  27 snippets. Gr 4 mans

Elgar           Vesper Voluntaries Op. 14 Faber £8.95. Gr 6 pno, easy ped  

Franck         L'Organiste,   manuals only, Grades 4 – 8 keyboard standard

Guilmant     Practical Organist – 50 short pieces Dover £17  Gr 6 /7 piano

Vierne         24 Pieces in free style – two volumes  Gr 4 – 6, Durand


More Modern

Alain          5 Pièces Faciles  £9.95  Gr 4 pno

Langlais    Douze Petites Pièces UMP £13.10 Gr 5 piano, mans only,

                 Also his wonderful 24 Pieces in 2 vols. Mans or ped. Combre



Faber Early Organ Series, 18 volumes mainly no ped. European countries. Faber.

Organ Music for Manuals series, OUP; all OK. £10.50 different periods represented.

Easy Graded Organ Music compiled Robert Gower Bk. 1; OUP £9.25 Gr 3/4.  

Treasury of Organ Music for Manuals only, Ed. Rollin Smith; Dover £11

English Organ Music – an anthology from 4 centuries; (manuals) Gr 4.

From the Reformation to the Restoration, Ed Robin Langley. Novello £12.50.

Old English Organ Music for manuals series, Gr 3/4ish, OUP, Bks 1, 3, 5

A Graded Anthology of Organ Music, Marsden-Thomas, Cramer Music, Bks 2/3.


Numerous brilliantly useful collections from animus music publishing

website at:      email:  


For mail-order outlets go to Music Outlets on the Sheet Music page

For music suggestions from volunteer organists themselves go to Horse's Mouth.




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